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Environmental Initiatives

Plant with Hands

At the Tampa Convention Center we invite everyone to become involved in our environmental programs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients and that includes participating in programs that help protect our environment.  Whether you join us in our current initiatives, create your own, or need additional information, please contact your convention services manager.  You can make a difference.




Convention Supplies

Teaching Tools for Hillsborough Schools has been the recipient of thousands of extra convention materials that would have required return shipping or ended up in a landfill.  Through the donations of clients and their exhibitors, our teachers are able to select tote bags, book bags, note pads, pens, pencils, calculators, books, and other promotional items for their classrooms.

Food Donations

We are committed to a long-term strategy that supports, protects, and enhances the environment and preserves our natural resources by offering sustainable foods whenever possible.  We are proud to donate unused food to local charities including Metropolitan Ministries, Salvation Army, and Feeding America Tampa Bay. Our most successful donation generated over 9,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity appreciates the many carpet remnants, scrap lumber and surplus building materials from the tradeshow floor.  Working with decorators and exhibitors has proven to provide a big bonus in helping our communities rebuild their neighborhoods. Several of our conventions have left a legacy by building playgrounds and structures or participating in plantings and landscaping activities to help our community.




Utilities Advancements

  • Tampa Convention Center in partnership with Tampa Electric Company generates its own electricity through the Network Demand Response Team. Whenever notified of the need, we activate our emergency generator to help reduce electrical demands for our facility.
  • Sensor activated light fixtures are installed in many restrooms.
  • Continually updating our energy management systems and equipment to ensure the most efficient use of our lighting and cooling resources.
  • Nine acres of energy star-rated reflective roof covering to reduce heat load by 10-15%.
  • Active monitoring of our escalators, lighting, cooling and exterior displays to encourage saving of our resources.

Recycling Efforts

  • Tampa Convention Center recycles over 1,000 cubic yards of aluminum, plastic and mixed paper products as well as twenty tons of cardboard annually.
  • We utilize locally grown produce and sustainable products to lessen transportation emissions.
  • Biodegradable and compostable disposable options are available from our food and beverage provider.
  • Juice, tea, creamer and coffee are served in pitchers to reduce waste. Bulk condiment dispensers are located in most of the cafes.
  • We are able to co-mingle our tin, aluminum, glass, plastic bottles and cans as part of our simplified recycling effort.
  • Old fluorescent bulbs are currently being recycled and new LED fixtures are being installed.

In Our Exhibit Halls

Event organizers have a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on supporting green initiatives when producing events at our facility. Options to consider include: 

  • Communicate with your exhibitors and attendees early in your planning process and encourage their involvement.
  • Ask your decorator to explore ways to recycle visqueen (plastic covering), carpeting, pallets and cardboard for your event.
  • Ask your exhibitors to support recycling efforts and power down their electric at the end of each show day to conserve energy.
  • Take advantage of local resources and sustainable choices when making decisions for your catering, production, registration and related destination requirements.


We are committed to doing our part to help protect our environment, while also serving the needs of our clients. Our environmental and community initiatives will continue to evolve as we make progress with our efforts. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with you as we make the world a better place. Contact your convention services manager for more information and ideas.

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