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NAFA Fleet Management…

04/25/2017 to 04/28/2017
  NAFA is the association for the vehicle…more

Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Tampa

04/29/2017 to 04/30/2017
  Inner Engineering Completion Program with…more
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Executive, Administrative, and Fiscal

  Last First     Title
  Hamilton   Rick Convention Center and Tourism Director
  Rose Robert Chief Operating Officer
  Garvey Una Community Relations Director
  Wilson  Shawn-Ta House Manager
  Dilworth Mary Executive Assistant
  Ervin Fred Chief Financial Officer
  Burt Ellen Accounting Tech.

Sales & Marketing

  Last First Title
  Blanc Eric

Director of Sales, Marketing & Convention Services

  Hoffman Marisa National Sales Manager
  Katsares  Chris National Sales Manager 
  McGlinnen Stacy National Sales Manager
  Franco  Robin Administrative Assistant                     

Convention Services

  Last     First    Title 
  Seder Suzanne Director of Convention Services
  Garcia Leah Convention Services Manager
  Lopez Juan Convention Services Manager
  Morris    Bailey Convention Services Manager
  Stephens Janna Convention Services Manager

Guest, Exhibit, and Business Services

  Last First Title
   Levoy    Chris    Ambassador Supervisor
Dickey Dawn Exhibit Services Manager


A/V & Rigging

   Last    First    Title
  Bier Shawn Director, Audio Visual Services 
  Lopez Tony Sales Manager
  Genovese Amir Manager of Event Technology


Jose Senior Technician

Communications Services

  Last First Title
   Hughes      Mitchell       General Manager, Technology Services
Gonzalez Jackie Customer Sales & Service Representative
Gutierrez Ivan Technician

Engineering, Maintenance & Operations

  Last     First      Title
  Hunter Brian Director of Operations
  Sharpe Bill Chief Maintenance Engineer
  Menges Ben Engineering Supervisor
  David Devester Building Maintenance Supervisor
  Jaszcar John Building Maintenance Supervisor
  Lufriu Richard Building Maintenance Supervisor
  Smith Daniel Building Maintenance Supervisor
  Alberti Erika Houskeeping Manager

Food Services

  Last     First      Title
  Fischer Kathy General Manager
  Russell Michael Executive Chef
  Gessesse Alex  Executive Sous Chef
  Lord  Marlon  Director of Operations
  Adams Joanie Social Catering Sales Manager
  Horn Doug Catering Director
  Whyte Alex Senior Catering Sales Manager 
  Stilwell Nicole The Sail Manager
  Ellers  Jin  Controller 
  Hecht Nicole HR Manager
  Jones Cornell  Executive Steward
  Ryan Jackie Administrative Assistant
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